44 minute | Reality-Food-Design

Neglected for decades or even centuries, BARNS of all shapes and sizes dot the American landscape.  Cooper Boone and his team of top DESIGNERS, BUILDERS, and CHEFS travel the country on a mission to restore these needy old barns into cool, thriving, sustainable spaces for their owners. 


Within every episode, Cooper explores the barn owner's story, discovering a tale of painful struggle and ultimate triumph.  From transforming an old Pennsylvania Bank Barn into a thriving co-op that saves a young farmer, to turning a Tobacco Barn into a theater for disabled kids to making a carriage barn into a disco club that raises money for the local elderly, each episode emotionally climaxes with the owner’s return to their now re-purposed barn.  

For three days, and with the help of the community, Cooper and his team will re-build and re-think every last detail using all things local (wood, antiques, food, etc.) to repurpose a crumbling old barn into a new functional beauty. Along the way, they aren't just restoring barns, they're restoring lives and communities... one barn at a time.

Cooper Boone hails from a rural Minnesota farm town and has since made his way to New York City. In addition to his career as a psychologist, he’s an award-winning songwriter, celebrated cook and spokesperson for Country Living Magazine. Now, he’s heading back to his roots to revitalize the American Barn.

Michelle Faust can design and create incredible art from any material. It’s no wonder she’s the go-to figurative artist for many architects seeking large-scale art for hotel and commercial spaces.  She’s American Barn’s “can do” gal.

Bear (Nat Ward) will handle the building. Between helping re-build New Orleans post Katrina and Rita, to designing sets for those pesky furniture catalogs, Bear has seen it all. 

A Special Guest Chef to appear on each episode.


1. THE CO-OP – Peter and his wife bought a farm with the intention of opening an antique barn and living off the land. Their dreams were cut short when she died of cancer, leaving Peter and his daughter, Rebecca to run the farm and the dream.  To help Peter re-envision his farm, Cooper and the team will restore the old barn and with the new space, help Peter set up a Farmer’s Co-Op, where the locals can ‘subscribe’ to his crops and pick up a weekly supply of produce and participate in monthly Farm-to Fork dinners in the barn as a way of creating agritourism.

2. THE CHILDRENS THEATER – In Watkins Glen, the city has grown around the Hicks family farm. Nearby, Darrin Hicks works part-time at the run-down Parkes Theatre for Disabled Children. Cooper and the team will travel to Watkins Glen, revamp the Hicks family barn and create a proper space for these children to perform.

3. THE DANCE HALL – Ann and Ollie have owned the Big Red Barn for almost 30 years. In its glory days, the upper floor to the barn was one of the top places in Kansas City to head for square dancing. The team will revamp the square dancing space on top, and transform the animals’ space below.

4. THE BLACKSMITH – Old man Peabody has been a blacksmith in Colorado all his life, same as his father before him. His blacksmithing outfit in Estes Park is an important part of the community of ranchers and tourists that visit each year. As he prepares to hand off his business to a younger generation of blacksmiths, he’s going to get an upgrade.

5. THE TACO BARN – Rachel and Evan have a dream of opening a Restaurant in Austin, Texas. They’ve tried several times and have finally made some progress with the oh-so-popular food trailer. They need a proper sit down space though. Cooper has found a barn, which he and his team will work their magic on to turn into the perfect spot for Rachel and Evan’s dreams to come true.

6. THE REBUILD – In the aftermath of the 2010 tornado, a family farm is still in trouble. The team arrives to help rebuild what’s left of a family’s barn and get them on their feet again.  The new structure will be strong enough to endure a strong tornado and will also serve as a key building during the continuing rebuilding of the community.

7. THE VEGAN BARN – Farm Sanctuary has been offering a place for injured or endangered farm animals to live out the rest of their lives for over 25 years. They’ve recently inherited a farm in Acton, California, but the goat barn could use some help. The team drops in to get them on track as the Guest Chef prepares a large vegan feast for Farm Sanctuary’s staff and members of the organization.

8. THE WEDDING – A father is looking for a space to hold his daughter’s wedding and soon realizes the perfect place may be in his backyard barn.

9. THE MAN CAVE – Rick’s idea of a living room is a dark space with lazy boys and a big TV. For his wife, Mary, that’s no way to “live”. Using their barn on their property, they’re both going to get what they want.

10. THE MUSIC STUDIO – A family neglects to thinks of the consequences that come with encouraging their teenage son to me a musician. Electric guitars, Keyboards, and Drums find a new home in the barn out back.

11. THE GUEST HOUSE – When family comes to town, things are cramped. The team adds plumbing, 

12. THE ARTIST LOFT – A free and creative space where messes are encouraged are important to any artist. Cooper and the team are going to give this clay sculptor just that when they finish with her barn. Alt – Painter / Designer / Jewelery / Crafts 

13. THE GAME ROOM – Pro Billiards player, Tad Wilkinson, gets an even better practice ground when his barn is turned into a space to balljam. Alt. - Arcade, Ping Pong

13. THE BED AND BREAKFAST – A barn on the Walter family’s land turns into a charming bed and breakfast that takes the meaning of “loft bed” to a new level.   

14. THE PLAY ROOM (for kids) – Pirates, Cowboys, Indians, Knights, and Dinosaurs all find a new home in the barn behind the home of 8 and 10 year old, Kevin and Kayleigh McCoy.

15. THE PARTY ROOM (for adults) – Whisky, Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, and Beer all find a new home in the barn behind the home of 38 and 39 year old Ian and Mary Mooney.

16. THE BAKERY KITCHEN – Mary Catherine and her husband run a number of local restaurants. She gets a new space to prepare the baked goods that are sold at each establishment.

17. THE ARCHITECT – Ken is an architect with a thriving local business. An architectural gem in itself, his backyard barn is a perfect space for drafting and sketching new projects.

18. THE MEDIA ROOM – Inspired by old-fashioned theatres from the 30’s and 40’s this barn is transformed into a movie theatre complete with a concession stand, popcorn machine, and midget projectionist.

19. THE CHRISTMAS ROOM – This family has a retarded amount of Christmas shit. They already store it in the barn loft, so why the fuck not also enjoy it in the barn every year? Happy birthday, Jesus.

20. THE COLLECTOR’S ROOM – A collector needs a place to show off his extensive collection of civil war memorabilia. Cooper, Bear, and Michelle are going to help him get it out of boxes and into the barn.  Alt. Dolls, Guns, Antiques  

21. THE GARAGE – Donnie The Mechanic’s bank barn is refitted with car lifts and hydraulics so he can work on his clients’ cars in his barn and make space for his own cars in his home garage.  

22. THE SHOWROOM – Jay Leno’s upstate New York farm gets an upgrade he can appreciate. Alt. Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Vintage cars

23. THE WEDDING PROPOSAL – The Strauss family barn is classed up for a moment that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

24. THE SPA – Masseuse, Keri Crawley wants to turn her barn into a relaxation destination.

25. THE ANIMAL BARN – Back to basics. Irene Slauser has had the dream of running a true animal farm her entire life. Cooper and the team make it happen.